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Your Treatment Plan will be accurately costed once you have had an initial assessment.


Appointments for treatment with Jenny are longer than average, to allow for good pain control and anxiety management.

Sample Prices for Jenny Pinder

New Patient Consultation. 45 minutes
100 Pounds

The first visit will be an in-depth assessment which will cover both psychological and clinical matters
The fee includes small X-rays, clinical assessment, treatment planning, and report where necessary.Also included is any necessary post assessment e- mail support.
Panoral X-ray.( not included in the consultation fee )
61 pounds
Hygienist sessions
£66.00 for half an hour
£99.00 or £110.00 for longer appointments

from £185 for a  small one to £295 for a very large one.
In  almost all  cases  white ( tooth coloured composite ) fillings are used
Periodontal (Gum) Treatment
from £130.00 for a basic routine cleaning with Jenny.

Higher  fees are for deep cleaning ( debridement ) sessions, usually carried out with a local anaesthetic .This ranges from 220 -280 pounds per hour. This is usually for patients who have very longstanding avoidance of professional cleaning, or who have more advanced gum disease
from £150

Root canal treatments
By quotation and carried out by an endodontic specialist
Crowns, Porcelain Onlays and Inlays
From £785

Whitening treatments
Home Bleaching

Cosmetic Dentistry
By quotation after examination, for example, composite bondings, porcelain veneers.

Jenny has extensive experience in the provision of removable partial and complete dentures
This service is tailor made for each case. The fees are dependent on the type of denture, number of teeth, and the technical cost of making them. Two laboratories owned by Clinical Dental Technicians collaborate with me to achieve the best results
Occlusal splints, BiteGuards, Nightguards
Individual quotations, usually 250 pounds
Sleepwell Snoring Appliances
Consultation and Evaluation     £59
Appliance             £385

 Fees are payable at the time of service .
A o % Finance option is available for treatment plans over 500 pounds , with payments spread over 6-12 months .
Dental Insurance Plans are taken
Bupa Dental Insurance Clients should check with Miss Pinder if discounts apply , as some of her items are classed as ‘Specialist ‘  However the Insurance Plan covers a proportion of costs depending on what level of cover you have .
Please note that the Bupa  Dental Health Plan is not suitable for many clients who are new patients to me .