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Meet Jenny

Jenny Pinder

phobia-iconJenny Pinder is on the panel of experts on and is also a dental phobia certified dentist.

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I am in practice in the City of London at the BUPA Dental Centre.

This Centre is a large practice with general dentists and specialists.

I have practiced Dentistry since 1971 and love general dentistry. My qualifications include a Fellowship in General Dental Practice, and I have been closely involved with the Faculty of General Dental Practice, including being Vice-Dean in 1996.

I began to treat dental phobic patients early on in my career when I realised that I have a natural aptitude for helping people get over their fears. I get a great deal of professional satisfaction from watching unhappy and anxious patients recover their confidence and self- esteem.

I backed this up by getting a Psychology degree from Birkbeck College in my ‘spare ‘time in 1986. This enabled me to teach new dental graduates and lecture widely.

My family have been in dentistry spanning 3 centuries  including both parents and both grandfathers. That didn’t stop me from hating having my own teeth done, and I have to have pain free dentistry to be able to cope with it!!!

I have been treating more and more dental phobic patients. The condition is much more widespread than many people realise, and causes a lot of misery. About 11 % of the population cannot go to the dentist because of their difficulties , which is a lot of people . Many people feel alone , embarrassed and ashamed about this

The treatment options I offer range from simple psychological techniques to a variety of safe methods of sedation.

Dental Treatments have varied from just a simple cleaning after 30 years of phobia, to helping people through the loss of their teeth and having dentures.

Some patients have makeovers, and some have even gone on to have implants.

Jenny at home

I love cats, and currently have 4. 2 Burmeses, and 2 rescue cats.  I am a volunteer for a wonderful charity called the Cinnamon Trust which helps older people when their pets need short-term fostering or re-homing . Dog walking is one of the services to help an old person keep their pet..

I also do quite detailed embroidery , which is very therapeutic, for relaxation

I also have a new part time business as a professional family history researcher